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The Orange County Creative Directory was created when not another single source was found that could provide the depth of services, the quality of listings, and the geographic focus required by Orange County businesses for successful marketing - and if you're not here, you should be. It's a smart choice for your business. It's free and it's easy. Simply download the “Get Listed” pdf file, complete it, and mail it along with your business card to our offices. Once approved, your listing will go live within 72 hours.

Why can't we just register online like other directories?
Unfortunately, there are enough companies willing to misrepresent themselves that we've chosen to use old-fashioned analog measures to insure our listings are accurate and useful to our end users.

How do you drive traffic to the web site?
Rather than rely on random searches, The Orange County Creative Directory advertises its services through print and email marketing programs.

How many categories can we list our company in?
You can list for free in as many categories as are a legitimate aspect of your business. We reserve the right to decline any listing which fails our vetting process.

If we can list for free, why should we upgrade?
If you have to ask this you probably shouldn't be involved in advertising or marketing.

Do you offer discounts for multiple banner ads?
Certainly, and for extended-length contracts as well. Rate information is on the downloadable "Get Listed" pdf.

What if we want to change or remove our listing?
Just send us a note on letterhead or include your business card.

What is the easiest way to make a payment to upgrade our listing?

For your convenience you may use PayPal for your advertising upgrades. Please select your desired advertising level then click "Buy Now" to make a secure online payment via PayPal.


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